• RESERVE. Make an online reservation for groups of 3 or more makers. If you have only 1 or 2 makers, you are welcome to walk-in or call ahead. Table reservations are for two hours.
  • WALK-IN. Walk-in are always welcome. If we do not have any open tables, we are happy to add your group to a waitlist. First come, first served.  Tables are available for two hours.
  • CALL AHEAD. Call before you are headed to downtown McKinney. If there is a table available, we can hold it for 15 minutes. If there are no tables available, we will add your name to a waitlist.

There are lots of reasons to reserve the studio for an after-hour event…baby & bridal showers, bachelorette party, ladies night out, Bunco get-together, corporate or team building, office holiday party and the list goes on.

Booking a private event provides your group with 2 hours in our studio – ALL BY YOURSELVES! Well, not entirely – we will have staff on hand to help you along the way, but it will be just your group. You can paint pottery and/or do glass fusing – the choice is yours.

We are an all-inclusive studio, so for the 2 hours, you only pay for the pottery painted/glass fused + tax of course, providing the minimum amount required is met! And what’s a party without munchies & something to drink? Bring it in – you’ve got 2 hours to have fun & paint &/or fuse glass! If BYOB is your thing…then feel free to bring in alcohol. NOTE: An alcohol waiver needs to be signed the night of the event by guests consuming alcohol.

Our studio can comfortably hold 24-26 adults, and the amount of staff depends on how many guests are in attendance. We require a good guestimate 3 days before your event.

A minimum of $400 (before tax) must be met collectively by your group. Previous purchases do not apply. As long as your minimum is met, your deposit will be applied toward your pieces.

The front of our studio is for walk-ins and reservations for groups of 1 – 6. We know that sometimes there may be a special celebration, a need for more privacy, or more than 6 in your group.  So here is a twist on our private events…if you want to reserve our party room during studio hours, you are welcome to do so.

Our party room is 12’ x 17’ with two tables, and bench seating at each & we have a bar that runs the length of the room with 6 bar stools. We can comfortably seat 12 adults/teens and can certainly squeeze a few more if needed, and if you are ok with “the more the merrier” motto.

Here’s the advantage…you have guaranteed seating, which is wonderful during our busier times.

Here is the catch…the length of time for this room is 2 hours, as in TWO hours. Since we have a party schedule and often fill up on weekends with back-to-back parties, we strictly adhere to the scheduled start and end times. A minimum of $245 (before tax) must be met collectively by your group. Previous purchases do not apply. As long as your minimum is met, your deposit will be applied toward your balance.

Bring your team to Walls of Clay for some corporate creativity!

Our studio offers a fantastic atmosphere for tapping into your teams’ creative side. Whether it’s an informal “fun” day, a celebration of achievement, get-to-know-the-team, or in some cases; the need to seriously get your team acting as a team, we can tailor an event to suit your needs.

We offer pottery painting and glass fusing options for teams of 4 – 26. We strongly suggest giving us notice and reserving space for your event so that we can meet your needs with staff and inventory.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs


What can Grown-Ups do?


Select your piece to paint.
This is sometimes the hardest part because there are so many pieces to choose from. We can’t help ourselves when it comes to ordering – so there is a great selection of home décor, dinnerware, mugs, kid-friendly pieces and so much more. Prices range from $17 – $70+ and we are an all-inclusive studio, which means the price of each piece includes the pottery, supplies and kiln firing.

Design & paint something fabulous!
This part is soooo easy & you don’t need to be an artist – we promise! We’ll teach you the basics to get you started and there are oodles of easy-to-do tips, tricks & techniques to help you along the creative journey. We have tape, stickers, stencils and silkscreens for easy fun.

Leave your piece for kiln firing.
Plus, we’ll clean up the mess! How cool is that? We hand-glaze each piece & fire it in-house, this is the behind-the-scenes magic. Pieces are food-safe, lead-free and will be ready for pick up in about 7 days.


Select your glass base.
This is the size and color of your first layer of glass. Just about everything is built on a base and pieces are priced according to their base size. We have 6″, 8″, and 10″ squares and 6″ x 12″ and 8″ x 2″ rectangle bases.  Prices start around $36 + tax.

Decorate the glass base.
This is where the fun begins and it’s contagious!  We will show you how to nip, zip (score), and break glass. We have several colors of glass and a huge variety of shapes from pre-cut bits, jelly beans & buttons, buffalo chips, strips, stringers, noodles, rods, frit and gems. Overwhelmed yet? Don’t be! With just one visit, you will be hooked, familiar with the lingo, and an awesome glass fusing artist.

Leave your piece for kiln firing.
When you’re done, leave everything and we’ll clean up! Can you believe how cool “warm” glass can be? Your glass will be fired in-house and will be ready for pick up in about 14 days.


Select your vessel and scent.
We have a variety of vessels to choose from and the most amazing scents made from high-quality fragrance oils.  Choose from everyday scents like “a day at the spa”, “fresh linen” or seasonal scents like “cypress bayberry”.  Our seasonal scents rotate quarterly.  Feeling a bit adventurous?  Combine oils to make your unique blend.

Weigh, measure, and mix.
Here’s the fun – perhaps in a nerdy, scientific way!  Candle making is a formula as far as the wick, wax and oil combo is concerned. But we’ve broken it down into a few simple steps.  Set your wick, weigh the fragrance oil and wax according to the chart, combine and stir for melted goodness.

Candles are ready to go in 60 minutes.
After blending, let your candle sit for about 60 minutes and it’s ready to go.  Our candles make the perfect make-and-take project for last minute gifts since they are ready to go the same day, unlike pottery and glass.