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Happy Birthday! Congratulations! Job Well Done! Welcome to the Neighborhood! Bunco Queen! Bride & Groom! New Parents! Date Night! Oh, so many reasons to celebrate!

Give the gift of creativity and time well spent relaxing, crafting, and escaping everyday life for a few hours.

For a PHYSICAL GIFT CARD, please visit our studio during regular hours. For a DIGITAL GIFT CARD, click below. 

Yiftee gift cards don’t lose value over time unless inactive. However, there is a monthly inactivity fee:

  • Yiftee gift cards do not expire unless required by law.
  • They are considered inactive after 12 consecutive months with no activity.
  • After inactivity, a $3 monthly fee will be deducted from the balance starting on the first day of the following month.
  • So, using the gift card or checking the balance at least once a year will retain its full value.