07/10, 7/11, 7/12 10:00 – 10:45 Fieldtrip | Goddard Deposit Only




Bowls; $12 + tax per child. Free-Style
Expecting 25 kids 7/10 (ages 4 – 5), 25 kids 7/11 (ages 4 – 5) and 12 kids 7/12 (ages 6 – 10)

A minimum of 20 painters is required to receive discounted fieldtrip pricing (regular price is $22 + tax).  Your organization is financially responsible for meeting the minimum of 20 painters, regardless of their attendance.  There are no makeups or product sent out after-the-fact.  Your staff, however, may elect to paint if that helps you meet the minimum requirement during your event.  If you do not meet the minimum requirement of 20, you will be financially responsible for the difference.

NOTE: As a courtesy, we will waive the financial responsibility of 20 kids each day providing we have a minimum of 60 kids over the three days.  You will be responsible for a minimum of 60 painters/bowls spread over the three days.

All of our projects are kiln fired and will be ready for pickup in 12 – 14 days.

A non-refundable deposit per date is required, we cannot hold a date without a deposit. PLEASE NOTE: All deposits WILL BE APPLIED TOWARDS YOUR FINAL BALANCE, THE DAY OF THE EVENT, PROVIDING THE MINIMUM NUMBER IN ATTENDANCE IS MET. Deposits are non-refundable. However, if you are unable to attend the date reserved and notify us at least 72 hours in advance, we will gladly work with you to reschedule one time with no penalty. No shows will not be refunded or credited.

The balance is due at the end of your event when we tally up the total number of kids in attendance. We accept cash and all major credit cards. Checks are NOT accepted for final payment.